Tracer Study of Post Secondary Technical and Vocational Education Graduates in Lesotho. The Ministry of Education and the World Bank assigned Sechaba Consultants  to assess the effectiveness  of technical and vocational training (TVT), by tracing graduates of both academic institutions. With the assistance from SIAPAC, Sechaba was able to develop a questionnaire, collect, analyse data and write up a report, and provide recommendations.


Educational Component of the 1999 Poverty Assessment.  This was does done as part of the comprehensive Poverty Mapping Exercise.  The Education Component comprised of detailed situation analysis of the state of education in the country, drawing on a combination of education statistics, household interviews and focus group discussions.

Baseline Study of the Inclusive Education Pilot Project: The Department of Education of the Eastern Cape and the Distance Education Project of the University of Fort Hare in South Africa commissioned one of the leading experts in education from Sechaba Consultant to evaluate and assess the impact of the pilot project. The project aimed at preparing schools, educators and community to welcome learners with barriers to learning and participation in the regular schools. Sechaba developed research instruments, trained field workers, analysed data nd presented the reports with recommendations.


Another component was to provide HIV/AIDS training to Primary School Educators in the Eastern Cape to make them more aware of issues related to HIV/AIDS and develop appropriate responses. Sechaba Consultants developed instruments, trained fieldworkers, analysed data, presented final report that included the training of trainers and workshop materials for educators.


Impact Assessment of 12 primary schools in Senqu and Qabane Valleys: The study funded by the Consul General of Ireland was aimed at evaluating  the project  of 12 primary schools in the two valleys with particular intention of improving performance. Three classrooms were erected for each school. Sechaba conducted the study and made recommendations.


Medium Term Expenditure Framework Budgeting: The Ministry of Education developed a Medium Term Expenditure Framework Budget, based on the Education Strategic Plan. Sechaba’s Education Specialist (Gerard Mathot) participated in the meetings and advised colleagues on the education system in Lesotho. He made projections of enrolment, teacher needs and required training up to the year 2015. Sechaba developed a computer programme where cost estimates were based on projections.

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