Income Generation and Small Business Development

Review Of Services Offered By Selected Small Business Support Agencies In South Africa.  This was carried out by a company director in 1989 for USAID.


Lesotho Co-Operative College, A Strategic Review.  This report incorporated a review of organizational support to the small and informal business sector and an assessment of training needs within the sector.


Study of Attitudes of Asparagus Farmers in Maseru District: Asparagus has been an important export crop since independence.  Farmers have formed cooperatives which were found not to be as effective as had been hoped. Sechaba studied the problem and made recommendations for improvement of the social management of this crop.


Survey of Primary Producer Cooperatives, Village Development Councils and Other Organisations.   This was carried out for CARE International.  It looked at the wide range of income-generating activities carried out by CARE beneficiaries and assessed ways in which better support could be given.


Community Organisation Participation & Empowerment (COPE) Mini Situation Analysis.  The Company was contracted to evaluate this UNICEF project which is designed to assist rural communities identify their needs and develop their own small business or income-generating opportunities.


Identification of Constraints to Project Activities and Assessment of Project Impact of the Matelile Rural Development Project: The Company examined the socio-economic factors that seemed to constraint full realisation of the Project objectives and aspirations and  assessed the impact that the Project has had in the area. The company also formulated recommendations as to how to overcome the identified socio-economic constraints.


SADC Regional Food Security Training Progamme Training Needs Assessment.  Sechaba was responsible for the Lesotho component of this regional assessment prepared for SADC Regional Food Security Training Programme (RFSTP).


Lesotho 1998: Assessment of Damaged Businesses and Loss of Employment.  This was a joint assessment of 1,045 businesses in Maseru and districts towns done in collaboration with the Lesotho Chamber of Commerce & Industry Association of Employers and Sechaba Consultants following the intervention of SADC troops following the political turmoil of 1998. 



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