Lesotho Highlands Water Project

Feeder Roads in the Katse Local Catchment: In 1993 Sechaba Consultants in conjunction with Mark Wood Consultants of South Africa, carried out a socio-economic Survey of 28 villages along the proposed Feeder Roads in the Katse Local Catchment. This survey provided a basis for the planning and design of Feeder Roads and Reservoir Crossings. A R14 million bridge is currently under construction at the crossing recommended in the report.


Advanced Infrastructure of Phase 1B for LHDA: In 1995 Sechaba Consultants did a complete census of all households in the 19 villages along the main roads in the Mohale area, in order to assess the needs and concerns of the people in these villages.  In addition group meetings were held to ascertain in detail the reactions of people to the coming of the construction in preparation for the building of the Phase 1B dam.


Biology and Reserve Development of Phase 1B for LHDA: In 1995 Sechaba Consultants in cooperation with AfriDev Consultants of South Africa carried out a baseline study which provided the status of the environment of the area (both natural and socio-cultural) before development activities impacted the site. Interviews were conducted in 17 principal villages to be affected by the Phase 1B Mohale Dam. Through this survey deep insight was gained into the needs of the people in the area for biological and reserve development. Biological species (flora and fauna) with special reference to endangered and/or rare species and unique habitats in the total catchment were also collected. Monitoring and evaluation programmes have also been set up.


Baseline Epidemiology and Medical Services Survey Phase 1B: In 1995/96 Sechaba Consultants in cooperation with the Medical Research Council of South Africa carried out a baseline study which provided the health status and medical services status of the area before development activities impact the area. Interviews were conducted in 83 villages; 17 of which are to be inundated or will be near the shore-line, 19 villages that are within the proposed construction site, and the remainder within the catchment area.  Sechaba consolidated its expertise in health matters in this study, using its experience in earlier studies of women’s health, health extension, the status of children and women, and the national health profile of 1993, as discussed in the next section.


Social and Environmental Impact Assessment of Advanced Infrastructure for Mohale Dam, Lesotho Highlands Water Project, 1994. This was carried in collaboration with  Mark Wood Consultants and involved a survey of all ‘construction’ communities that would be impacted by roads, powerlines, camps and the associated infrastructure put in place prior to dam construction.


Establishment and Monitoring of the Instream Flow Requirements for River Courses Downstream of LHWP Dams; Socio-Economic Survey. (See earlier description under Environmental Impact Assessments).


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