Lesotho Miners and Permanent Residence in South Africa: Sechaba Consultants is a partner in the Southern African Migration Project (SAMP) with The Institute for Democracy in Southern Africa (IDASA) in Cape Town, The University of Zimbabwe, ARPAC in Mozambique and Queens University in Canada.  SAMP is conducting a three-year study of migration in Southern Africa.  A survey of miners and their wives was carried out in late 1996 to determine their level of participation in the mining industry and desire to move to South Africa.


Three-Nation Study of Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice concerning Migration to South Africa: In a second SAMP-sponsored study researchers from South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe joined Sechaba in designing and carrying out a survey in Lesotho, Mozambique and Zimbabwe in order to assist IDASA in making an input to the South African White Paper on Migration.  Follow-up projects are planned for 1998 and 1999.


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